La Société de la Mouffette recibe el MQVE-AWARD LABEL 2015!!

Vera Glez

La Mouffette acaba de recibir el MQVE-AWARD LABEL 2015, un sello de calidad de teatro visual europeo que concede anualmente la Move Award (asociación compuesta por diez festivales europeos especializados en teatro visual).Más abajo encontraréis la nota de prensa, y para el que quiera más información puede acudir a su web

un saludo compañeros!!

And the winners are…

Last week the artistic board of the European Move-Award has selected 5 companies that will receive this years MQVE-AWARD LABEL 2015, the qualitylabel for new visual theater. Congratulations to the 5 companies selected !

MQVE-AWARD is definitely growing, this year we received 78 applications from no less then 28 countries from all around the world : Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. We like to thank all the companies that have applied and encourage the non selected to keep on going…maybe next year will be the good year for them.

The Committee selected 5 shows that receive the label and 2 from them where selected to tour all over Europe and perform at our partnerfestivals for Visual theater. Here are the new promising companies : Cia. Cocotte – «Les Rois Fainéants» (Spain), L’habeas Corpus Compagnie – «Reverso» (Belgium), Adrien M / Claire B – Hakanaï (France), La Société de la Mouffette – «OVIDIA coeurs en transit» (Spain) and Emanuella Amichai- visualtheatre – «lysistrataX» (Israel).

One of the strategic aims of the Move-Award is to help the company touring throughout Europe with there latest productions. European festivals who might be interesting in joining the Move-Award can get in touch with us to become a member, and receive these great shows for reduced fees!

Please note: The Move-Award is NOT an agency, but a European network of visual theatre festivals which aims to promote exciting new work. If you have questions or are you interested to become a member of the Network, contact us

If you find this newsletter useful, please distribute to whom you think it may interest (media, companies, festivals, organizers, etc…) and why not highlight it on your organization’s website or news page. You can easy copy paste the url. More young creators and organizers will be informed and more chances will be created for the future of the visual theater. Thank you for your kind help.

To the visual theatre of the future!

Marc Crauwels
Founder of the International Move-Award